Bespoke website hosting solution for a leading travel organisation

The brief

Managed Hosting

Oyster operates using web bookings only for its travel organisation and therefore their business is severely affected if the website is not operational for any period of time. Further to having the website offline for a week and a subsequent loss of bookings they needed to change their hosting requirements accompanied by a support structure that would keep their systems running in the case of infrastructure failure.

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Website Travel Booking System

Our solution
and results

Cerberus Software Solutions worked with the client and created a hosting environment that could be easily moved over to other data centre locations in the event of an infrastructure failure. Backup systems were created that automatically run every half hour so that in case of infrastructure failure, systems could be restored anywhere else within an hour providing a full business continuity plan for the website.

Backups include a daily backup on a PDF file in case of a total internet blackout so that Oyster can still support their volunteers based around the globe.

“Our business relies on our hosting infrastructure 100% of the time, with any downtime being costly to us. Cerberus Software Solutions quickly turned our hosting infrastructure around for us, and we feel extremely confident our business is in safe hands.”
Roger Salwey